Square Wave Inverter

Base has introduced micro controller based Digital UPS which has exclusive features manufactured with utmost care to give you high quality and trouble-free performance in years to come. Above all the praiseworthy popularity of our product lies in the compact size, mechanical finish, ruggedness and pleasant outlook of the unit.

Salient Features*

  • Microcontroller based PWM technology using MOSFETs.
  • Intelligent CC-CV charger with ASIC [Auto sense intelligent control] feature and
  • Auto trickle mode to reduce water topping and enhance battery life.
  • Intelligent thermal management with over temperature protection.
  • Smart overload protection with auto resets [Advanced load management].
  • Short circuit protection and advanced reverse phase protection, even if inverter switch is in OFF condition.
  • Battery overcharge and deep discharge protection.
  • Charges battery even at low input voltage. Useful for areas where input mains supply is low.
  • User selectable charging option.
  • User selectable Normal or UPS mode. This makes it possible for the user to run
  • PC along with other household appliances on UPS mode.
  • Able to withstand high surge/inrush current.
  • Power generator compatible.
  • Synchronization at changeover.
  • Cold start capable.
  • Mains over voltage and under voltage cut-off [with advanced mains recovery]
  • Charger fails protection.
  • Smart Battery Charger.
Image module

Product Range

Nominal Voltage12VDC12VDC12VDC12,24VDC24VDC


  • Power Back-up for House hold as well as the computer
  • Small Water pumps and all motor based small applications
  • TV Sets, Fans, Tube Lights, etc.

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