Solar Hybrid PCU Sine Wave Inverter

RD SOALR UPS is an integrated system consisting of a solar charge controller. Inverter and an AC mains charger. Batteries are charged either through Solar /Grid/DG set or with sharing of current. System gives priority to Solar Power first and uses Grid power only when Solar power/ Battery charge is insufficient to meet the load requirements. Battery Voltage, Solar power output and the load are continuously monitored. When Batteries are charged to preset level the Solar UPS automatically cuts off from the system and load runs through the UPS using the batteries. Maximum battery charging is done through the solar to reduce the energy used from grid power.

Salient Features*

  • Most advanced integrated Solar backup.
  • Automatic utilization of the available Solar power in an intelligent manner.
  • Preference to Solar power when available.
  • Pure sinewave output in the backup mode.
  • Heavy duty battery charger with current sharing.
  • Option to switch off grid charger. (If solar current>3Amp)
  • Selectable Normal/Tubular battery charging.
  • Multiple stage battery charger to keep battery in top condition.
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection.
  • Intelligent thermal management system.
  • LCD display to monitor the system.

LCD Display:

  • When Grid Power Present
  • Displays – AC Voltage, Battery Charging status, Battery level, solar Module status, Solar Charging Current, Mode
  • In back up
  • Displays – Back up mode On/off, Hybird mode on/off, Battery level, Load level in %, Solar PV status
  • Fault Conditions
  • Displays- Battery low, Overload, Short cicuit, Mains Failure, Fuse blown, Temperature high, no load.
Image module

AC Mains Mode Specifications:

  • AC input Range – 100 to 290V (Wide range), 180 to 265V (Narrow range) + 10V
  • Change Overtime – < 50milliseconds (Wide range), <10milliseconds (Narrow range)
  • AC charging current – 14.0 Amp + 1A.Maximum
  • Grid charger mute – Short Jumper J4 (if PV current >3.0 Amp then Mains

Solar Charger Specifications:

  • Maximum Current – 40 A
  • Protection – Over current PV reverse, Battery over charge, reverse current flow.

Backup Mode Specifications:

  • Output Waveform – Sinewave
  • Output voltage – 230 Volts AC nominal
  • Overload protection – Retries 5 times & output off
  • Short Circuit protection – Retries once & output off

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