Shri.T.R. DHINAKAR PRASATH is the Director of Real Deal Electronic India Ltd. one of South India’s fastest growing Electronic manufacturing company headquartered at Fort City Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Under his stewardship, the company’s 5 year history is a testimony to the success of a rank outsider to electronic manufacturing in a new city, and it’s evolution into one of South India’s most professionally managed Electronics manufacturing business. Today, Real Deal (RD) has an enviable portfolio of assets comprising various projects.

An alumnus of the prestigious Business School, Shri.T.R. DHINAKAR PRASATH is a business Head with a clear vision for the industry. The very personification of success and his determination to achieve his goals is the hallmark of his achievement as a business man. Working tirelessly towards the development of Real Deal (RD).

At the core of Shri.T.R. DHINAKAR PRASATH professional endeavors is his personal credo of PQRST – Punctuality – Quality – Reliability – Speed and Transparency. This value framework places the customer at the heart of every project and every activity within the Real Deal (RD) organization. Through this, Shri.T.R. DHINAKAR PRASATH has succeeded in infusing a high level of professionalism very early in the organization, which was not seen in the realty sector.

His roots from a traditional business family notwithstanding, Shri.T.R. DHINAKAR PRASATH vision for the business to be at the cutting edge of innovation, the flag bearer of responsible practices and a commitment to social responsibility have given the organization an enviable reputation as a new age leader in the industry. Such novel initiatives include the following:

  • Adopting green technology and environmentally sustainable building practices
  • Establishing Shri. T.R. DHINAKAR PRASATH S.E.V.A.SupportingEncouragingVoluntaryAction, as a personal pledge, as well as a business pledge, to support and nurture socially responsible action, while addressing social issues and serving the community at large

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