The shareholders’ right of decision in REAL DEAL affairs is exercised at shareholders’ meetings. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in CORPRATE OFFICE, VELLORE, ON Jan 09 2019 A. Notification of the AGM is published according to the rules of the Companies Act, not earlier than six and not later than four weeks in advance. All registered shareholders receive an invitation to the GM.

To be able to participate in decisions, shareholders must be present at the GM personally or via a representative. Shareholders may register to participate by mail, fax, telephone or e-mail. The language for the GM is Swedish, and all documentation is available in English. Matters addressed by the GM include dividend, adoption of the annual report, and nomination of members of the Board of Directors, as well as auditors if applicable, remuneration to the Board of Directors and auditors, as well as other important issues resulting from laws or the Articles of Association.

Series A shares entitle the holder to ten votes, while Series B shares carry one vote. Decisions are normally taken by simple majority, with the exception of those instances when Swedish law requires a qualified majority. All relevant documentation for the AGM is made available at the Company’s corporate office at the 2017 Annual General Meeting of REAL DEAL.

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